Comment Programming Language

CPL was created out of a need for advance commenting features, not found in any other existing programming language. I was fusterated with out dated rules, and limited ability to write comments into my existing code. What I needed was an environment where I could write details comments in my code. For example, C++ does not allow you to nest comments. For example, this will not compile:
/* I like to /* nest */ comments */

Another reason why I decided to invent CPL was so I didn't have to remember what syntax to write a comment in. I can't say how many times I've been writing a SQL query and insert a Visual Basic single quote for a comment. Then I write a batch file, and have to write comments totally different. My goal is to give people freedom and flexability in putting comments in their code.

One of CPL's goals, was to create a very simple language. In fact, this might be THE simpliest language. Basically, in order for your program to compile, your code must contain only comments and white space. Imagine never having to write a loop again. No worries about pointers, garbage collecting, platform specific code, etc..

Currently, I only have a Windows compiler, but porting to another platform should be fairly painless.

Download the most current release and source code: project page:



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